Pretty awesome day so far.

I’ll never be a morning person, but I’ve managed to get up before 9 a.m. the past couple of days, which is huge for me. 

I thought maybe yesterday’s weigh-in was a fluke, but it seems to have stuck.

Just one week left of P90x (THANKFULLY). 

My professional day today involves going to a comedy show and meeting up with the guy who played Xerxes in 300. (He wasn’t one of the super-buff Crossfitting Spartans but I guess I could still ask him about fitness tips? haha)

Anyways… big question is:

Has anyone actually made it through Jamie Eason’s Live Fit? Like… All three months, to the letter, etc.? 

I need to figure out what I am going to do post-P90X, and I am way better at following a “program,” because otherwise I dither and just wind up doing too much cardio and half-assed pilates and stuff.

Jamie Eason basically has my dream body so I am willing to trust her advice, but the thought of no cardio for a month kinda freaks me out — and I really like my running time anyways.

Thoughts?? Or, conversely, maybe someone has some input on another one of the free programs on

  1. beahomebody answered: I’m no help. but I’m starting the program on Monday! After lifting, you can always do cardio after your workout - burning your adipose tissue
  2. barbellswag answered: i’ve been wanting to do jaime eason aswell! but no cardio for a month makes me nervous & i coteach zumba so idk howd that work
  3. aweightymatter posted this
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